Final presentations at the Online and Social Media Marketing seminar

We successfully concluded the semester with the final presentations of the students of the Seminar Online and Social Media Marketing. We had a very fruitful and exciting session, where the students presented an extensive overview of their practical projects, including; their achievements, created material for their social media campaigns, and lessons learned during the project time.

As part of this seminar, students were able to perform an in-depth situational analysis for a specific industry partner, including existing weaknesses, strengths, threats, and opportunities. They also developed a social media strategy for their industry partners and implemented it as part of the original social media campaign using social media channels (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog, Instagram).

I truly thank my students for their passion and motivation during the course. It was a pleasure having national and international students, who were creative, innovative, and added a lot of fun to the course 🙂 I wish all of them the best in their future steps. 

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