My talk about Digital Integration at Volksbühne Berlin

As a guest lecturer, I participated in “Integrations: Four Sketches on Migratory Society” – A trans-disciplinary workshop convened by Dr. Itamar Mann, in the context of a seminar organized by Volksbühne Berlin within the scope of its School of Disobedience. In this workshop, I shared my thoughts and insights on “Digital Integration” and presented my current research results, addressing refugee participation through social media and the tech market, followed by an open discussion with the participants.

Volksbühne Berlin’s School of Disobedience is an experimental format that tests new ways of independent knowledge production in the 21st century. The seminar itself is designed to reflect and discuss some of the major basic challenges and opportunities that increased migration presents for collective political action in the present – a great opportunity to begin an ongoing conversation on these issues in a way that combines perspectives from Social Sciences and Humanities with perspectives from those studying emerging technologies.

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