Proud of my students in the social media campaign “Who are the Refugees?” for their well-done job and contribution to the project “Stories of Refugees”

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Monday, September 19, 2016: Spurred by the war in Syria, continuing violence in Iraq and Afghanistan, refugee crisis has swept the European Region. Over 1.3 million asylum applications have been submitted across countries of the European Union, with Germany attracting the highest number of asylum seekers. These developments pose significant challenges. With local population caught by surprise and unfamiliar with the social norms and cultural practices of the incoming refugees, there is a pressing need to bring both parties together by enhancing intercultural awareness.

As part of the brand-new course “Online Social Media Marketing” offered by Prof. Dr. Hanna Krasnova at university of Potsdam, our students were given the opportunity to design a real social media campaign for this highly pressing cause. Supervised by our research associate Safa’a AbuJarour, a group of three students – Farina Hoffmeier, Lena Jung, Marianna Merseburger – have done an amazing job!

Their campaign aimed at promoting a positive image of refugees in Germany and changing public perceptions associated with the term “refugee”. This is how the three girls described the intention behind their project: “The word refugee is often associated with negative perceptions in our society. People often think only of problems, violence, death, integration challenges. They often forget about the real people, their personalities and the unique ways they can contribute to our evolving culture. We would like to open the curtain. We would like to give local population a chance to see and experience who the refugees are, their interests, dreams and ambitions. The more we know about each other, the easier the integration process is going to get! We are so enthusiastic about the impact our work might have”!

Based on the interviews with seven refugees in Berlin and Brandenburg Farina Hoffmeier, Lena Jung, Marianna Merseburger have been able to get more insights into the daily lives of refugees in Germany, their hopes and their aspirations. Their conclusion: “Refugees – They are just like us! Just awesome! We laugh about the same things and we do the same things in our free time. It should be easier to find a way to do it together!”

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Citation: Hoffmeier, F., Jung and L., Merseburger, M., AbuJarour, S. and Krasnova, H. (2016). “Who are the Refugees?” Social Media Campaign Master Project. URL: